Cover Reveal: Resplendent Rage by Bella J


Release date: 03/28/16


What do you do when your heart wants something you know you can never have, yet you just can’t imagine living without it? When you finally look into Caribbean blue eyes and know they will mean the end of you?
What do you do when you lose your heart… and then she gets taken away from you?
You raise hell.
Jax Buchanan had a plan—a plan to start over, to somehow leave his past behind, and this plan sure as hell did not include her. But when Jax first laid eyes on the flaming redhead he knew that Kim would be the one to tame him. She had the power to disarm him, to bring him to his knees and to make him want something a man like him should never want…a future.
Since being with her was not an option, Jax desperately fought against his growing feelings for her. It was the only way he knew how to protect Kim. Yet the more he fought, the more he tried to keep his distance, the harder it became for him to deny his desire for her.
But somehow Jax screwed up…and now Kim is gone—taken by a psychopath with no conscience, who would do anything to get Jax’s co-operation in one of his twisted endeavors.
Now it’s up to Jax to save her, to take back what has been taken from him…
And he would crawl through hell to get her back.

And here is the smoking hot cover of Bella J’s third installment of her Resplendence series.
Rage Cover

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Mini Excerpt

(To wet your appetite for more)

Jax flung his fist through the air, landing a punch to the side of Reed’s face which was already bloodied and bruised. For the last two hours Reed’s face had been Jax’s personal punching bag. All he could see was Kim’s face—her eyes, her mouth, and all her delicate features haunting him every second since they realized that she was gone.
How the fuck had he let this happen? He was supposed to keep an eye on her, protect her. But he knew something was up when Reed and Lexi disappeared, and there was no sign of Levi.
It wasn’t his intention to let her out of his sight for so long, but when he got upstairs and saw Reed pointing a gun at his brother, he had to act. Somewhere in the back of his mind he thought that Kim would have been okay surrounded by hundreds of other people in the club. But he was so fucking wrong.
He had underestimated Baptiste, and now Kim was paying the price. He never should have come to Manhattan. He never should have sought out his brother’s help. But he had no one else to turn to, no one else who could help him. For years, he had done deals for Baptiste. Deals which involved diamonds, drugs, and illegal firearms. And then Baptiste had tried to force him into doing deals which involved the one thing Jax’s moral compass did not allow—human trafficking.
Now, because Jax had refused to do one deal for Baptiste that involved an eighteen-year-old girl being sold into slavery, Kim’s life was hanging in the balance. Baptiste was forcing his hand by kidnapping her and holding her as leverage to insure that Jax would cooperate. And the douche Jax was currently using as a human punching bag was not helping him get any closer to rescuing her.
With another swing, and another punch, Jax yelled at Reed, “Where is she?”
It felt like the rage inside him wanted to claw its way out of his chest. Not knowing where the hell she was, what they’d done to her, and even if she was still alive, made him feel like he was about to rip his own skin off.
With blood-stained teeth, Reed smiled, his eyelids drooping from the beating Jax had dished out. “You will never find her.”

Rage teaser2

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About the Author:

Bella J lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband, two kids, & chihuahua. Her love for writing started in eighth grade when she received her first writing assignment—which she flunked. But the positive side of her failure—her newly found passion for writing. The negative side—now she’s completely spaced out half of the time living in her little pretend world of romance, love, & insanely hot heroes  

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