Rachel Reviews BINDINGS by Kate Roth

February 1st


Ashamed of the woman she allowed herself to become, Sloane Montgomery sets out to repair the self-inflicted damage done to her life. A new town holds her new beginning and when Leo Calloway arrives everything changes.
Captivated by Leo and his dark desires, Sloane wonders if her fascination with his dominance goes deeper than fantasy. Has she been seeking punishment to atone for the sins of her past all along? Though Leo’s brutal lust is what first enthralls her, the bonds of trust they form could have the power to heal her.
When the ties to her former life threaten to take hold of her again, the passion binding her to Leo may be the key to her ultimate release.

Rachel's Review~

I saw a new Kate Roth book up for review and just signed up. I usually love her rom-coms, so I didn't bother reading the description...I was pleasantly surprised! For anyone that doesn't know me...I love erotica and bdsm in particular, so this book ended right up my alley.
The writing was fabulous. The storyline was well written, well thought out, and just different enough that it kept me engrossed. It's not just another D/s relationship...it's not just another employer/employee taboo story.
~Your tastes don't have to define you any more than your hairstyle does, or what kind of car you drive, or your favorite
Sloane, 8 months out of a 3 year relationship, is a wonderfully true to life character. She's in a funk and tries to write her way out of it...unfortunately that just doesn't work. So she sits in a bookstore day in/day out drinking coffee trying to get beyond her writers block. She has good days, bad days, and I love her quiet contemplation. We learn a lot about her previous relationship without the author taking us back there...which is really nice, because you're always in the present!
Leo is awesome. A co-owner of the bookstore, he's brooding, funny, sexy and oh so sweet. He's basically everyone's ideal. Until he puts on those leather gloves...his voice drops, his eyes go smoky and he expects to be obeyed... Yes, Sir! Too bad he's so unselfish that he can't quite figure out how to tell Sloane that one little thing...that one little secret that can make all the difference.
From the moment Sloane and Leo jest about punishment, something clicks...and Sloane feels set free.
We take a wonderful journey with Leo and Sloane and delve into a tastefully done D/s relationship.
For all of you that hear BDSM and think, nope, not me...please take into consideration...if you can handle a little spanking then there's no excuse not to pick this wonderfully well written story up and give it a go. It's done so tastefully that you'll be engrossed before the end of the first chapter and it's so smooth you'll have hard time finishing....
Speaking of finishing...you'll have to wait until Leather Bound comes out sometime later this year (2016) because we're left with a hell of a cliffy! I love cliffhangers...I love the anticipation! I can't wait to see what happens with Leo and Sloane.
5 Sultry and Intriguing Stars


Published since 2012, Kate Roth is addicted to all things romance. Her passion for love stories, both traditional and unconventional, has led her to write in various sub-genres of romance including New Adult, Paranormal and Erotica. Kate is inspired by everything from music to the real-life romance tales she's heard through her years as a professional hair stylist.
One thing is certain, Kate Roth writes steamy connections, sassy dialogue, and strong heroines & heroes.
Kate spends her time away from the keyboard with her insta-love husband, Adam and their faithful pound puppy, Sampson.

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