Release Blitz: Healed by Love book 3 by Ami Lecoeur & Elle Dawson

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It’s impossible to heal when your wounds are continually ripped open. Hard to survive when someone desperately wants you dead.
Just as Maria and Thompson find love, evil steps in, intending to tear them apart. It will stop at nothing – nothing – to gain the control it seeks for its own purposes. Regardless of who is hurt along the way.
Lost and disconnected from anything that’s familiar to her, Maria struggles to swim to the surface of the dark abyss she finds herself in. Thompson watches helplessly from the sidelines, doing his best to protect and help her, gently reaching out, pulling her to safety. But he also has a daughter to think of. One who is just as vulnerable as Maria. One he must protect at all costs.
The dangers are real, the consequences unyielding. Will Thompson and Maria have a chance to recover their love in the face of evil’s relentless challenge?
Welcome to book three, the heart stopping conclusion to the Healed by LOVE series. It contains adult themes and is intended for those 18 and older.
Heterosexual couple enjoying each other. Shallow depth of field
Ami LeCoeur
Like most romance writers, Ami LeCoeur is a romantic at heart, but in her heart it's the classic Romanticism of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
She is also a painter, glass artist, and award winning poet, as well as a writer.
When she isn't traveling, she lives on California's Redwood Coast with her husband and two kitties. She loves her wonderful ocean view, and when the fog comes in - as it always does - she's either curled up with a good book, or busy writing.
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Elle Dawson
Sharing ones thoughts on paper is an intimate experience, and should not be taken lightly. Some days I fear this process, as my mind can be a scary place to dwell. Other days I realize I'm not alone in this journey, and although the very action of expelling ones deepest thoughts onto paper is intensely personal, it is deeply healing. Funny how that works.
The ideas for this book, and the ones that will follow, came at a time when I was hurting, and needed a release that only writing can bring. As a romance lover, I couldn't make myself write of new love, when it is easy to be in love, easy to be mad for each other, easy to have sex every night. Instead, I found a need inside me to re-connect couples, to shine a light of inspiration into a bedroom that has grown cold.
So I will continue to write as Elle Dawson, and be a mom, sister, daughter and friend in my real life. And read books that take me away or speed up my heart.

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