Release Day Blitz, Rachel's Review: Predator by Michelle Horst

Title: Predator
Author: Michelle Horst
Genre: Romantic Suspense
 Release Date: April 29, 2016


All my life I’ve been hiding, until there is no corner on this god-forsaken earth left for me to hide. I have to pay for the sins of my father. No one with Ellison blood in their veins is allowed to live, and I am the last of my bloodline.

I am kept in a container waiting for my death sentence to be carried out, when he comes. He is only known as ‘Predator’. No one knows who he works for, only that he leaves no one alive.

His every breath is filled with the last gasp of his dying prey.

But for some reason he doesn’t kill me.

I don’t know which is worse, the death sentence hanging over my head, or being at his mercy.

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“Look at me, Cara,” and he waits until I do, “love is such a flawed thing. You can love someone but still leave them. What I feel for you goes way beyond that one word. I’m addicted to you. I feel protective of you. I breathe for you.” His eyes caress my face and follow the tears into my hair. “Love is really such a flawed word for what I feel. I live for you.”

Holy Amazeballs!!!
After Saved by Her, I knew that Michelle Horst was a writer worth grabbing...but dayum...
I've spent the last couple hours with my heart pounding, swiping right to left on my kindle screen...alternating with tears streaming down my face.  I don't know if I could possibly recommend a book that's any better than Predator.
The writing is excellent.  The characters are freaking amazing...the way they made me feel, I was alternately scared, happy, crushed, devastated.
Cara's story is amazing.  Simply put.  She survived a horrific accident in which both of her parents died...she wakes in a hospital with only her Uncle Tom there.  He tells her what happened, gives her some money, a fake ID and tells her to run...and never look back.
I don't want to tell you about the book.  I don't want you to know what's coming...other than Damian.
~"I see the most beautiful fucked up woman in front of me and she's perfect. you're so beautifully broken and it makes me want to keep you."

I do however, want to leave you with just a taste..

~The horror of my situation makes my insides quiver and my mouth dry.
Seconds tick over into bloodcurdling, terror-filled minutes.
Minutes slither into what feels like unnervingly scary hours.
I don't know what time it is. I don't know if it's night or day outside. I don't know who has me, or why.
I know nothing but naked terror.

Isn't that fucking awesome?  I know right!!!  And the whole entire book is written just as magnificently.  I can't say enough good things about Michelle and what she can accomplish.  Just read her freaking long as you don't mind dark beginnings, middles and great endings.  The heart palpitations, the tears, the silent screams in my head...all lead to
5 Brilliantly Done Stars

Author Bio

Michelle Horst is from a small town in South Africa.

She's been in love with reading from an early age. She has a passion for books, quotes and animals.

She first tried her hand at writing in early 2009 and as the first words started to form into a book, she knew she was hooked. 

Dreams spilled onto pages, and that was the beginning of a wonderful journey. A journey filled with joy, passion and heart stopping moments. Most of all, it's filled with such pride and peace as a story comes to life, and characters fill your life, living in the very walls of your mind, living in the minds of your readers.

Thank you to each and every reader and for choosing to escape in one of my books.

Michelle ;) 

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