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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author Abbie St. Claire brings you the 3rd installment in the 5th Avenue Romance Series. There is no cliffhanger in this installment, you will be captivated by the happily-ever-after.
What harm is there in having a little romance with the man next door?
Chelsie, a single mother, knows what it’s like to feel loss and regret. Her drive to wake up each day is her precious son Ty, but even her strength has its limits. The world was a cold and lonely place until she saw handsome sports physician, Ian move in next door.
Abusive, troubled, addict was the label everyone in his life gave him, and Ian lived up to that reputation until the day he discovered he was a father. When a horrible accident cripples him mentally and physically, his hard won sobriety is left hanging by a thread.
The attraction between Ian and Chelsie is electric, and they can’t help indulging in one night of passion. When Ian is forced to move to California, Chelsie keeps a secret that could harm them both. Can Ian overcome his addiction and prove he’s the man Chelsie has been dreaming of?
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Conflicted on 5th Avenue (Book 1)
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Captivated on 5th Avenue (Book 3)

Well, after Complicated (which is aptly named, let me tell ya) I was most definitley glad to have Captivated already on hand! 
Abbie St. Claire is a great writer who surely knows how to tell a story.  Ian and Chelsea have been at it for a while now, and just when you want to SCREAM and call her an enabler, things change up yet again.  I was concerned that Ian and Chelsea were going to get their "magically done" happily ever after but I'm glad that their circumstances were actually rectified...even though I was wondering what else could possible pop up, as I was nearing the problems solved stage and still had plenty of room left in the story.  Even though Ian wasn't necessarily for me, he was too needy, too complicated, and I often wondered if he was really going to be worth all of the trouble. Alas, he and Chelsea seem to make the perfect family.  I really enjoyed the drama, the emotional addictiveness of the story, and her writing in general.  She always manages to captivate me and hours pass as I'm whisked away into the trials and tribulations of Ian and Chelsea.
  I really like the fact that so much of her stories have a flair for the realistic. Problems don't magically remove themselves in 2 paragraphs, their faults are repaired step by step, stone by stone, with lots of hard work, wonderful words and a full heap of emotions.  So, even though Ian isn't my fave of bbf's, his story is most definitely worth the read.
4.0 Star ending to a great series

Author Bio
Abbie St. Claire is an International Bestselling Author in the romance genre.
With a tagline of “Romance with suspense, sizzle and sass,” one can imagine many things happen under her covers.
Claire hails from central Texas and has an addiction to cookie dough. She writes from her kitchen, the heart of her home and family. 
For 2016/2017, she states having lofty goals which include Saddles and Sins (A steamy cowboy tale), Worn Jeans, Blue Collar Dollars, IAN for 5th Avenue Romance, participation in First Glance and The Diamond Club anthologies, and two Kindle World projects.
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