Blog Tour, Rachel's Review: (mis)TRUST by Sarah Ann Walker

Title: mis(Trust)
Author: Sarah Ann Walker
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: June 17, 2016

My mum's words always echo in my mind...
"You can never trust a man with your heart. Men don't know what to do with a heart that's been given to them- so they break it."
But what happens to the woman who trusts with her heart after he breaks it?
I know, she fractures and shatters.
Knowing the definitions of the words that have defined me, this is my understanding.
Trust- To give oneself over to believing in a person or situation.
Distrust- The inability to trust or believe in a person or situation.
Mistrust- To be suspicious of a person or situation because you have no confidence in them.
The words themselves are simple, yet the definition of mistrust is not.
There is an element of grey and undefinable to mistrusting.
And sadly, it's this grey undefinable that has hurt me most in life.
I wanted to trust, but I just couldn't do it anymore.
Then I met him.
And he became my black and my white.
He became the beautiful exception to everything I had ever known before him.

“Wow, Wow, Wow, what an exceptional read.” - Hot Books and Sassy Girls Book Blog
“(mis)Trust by Sarah Ann Walker is like a punch in the stomach that just does not go away, but in this case, you don't want it to!” - Reader Review
WOW, This is a first read for me by Sarah Ann Walker and it surely will NOT by my last.
This was really hard to review...Because I really liked it, even when I didn't!
It is dark, but not's based on cheating, a rape and a there may be possible triggers for you. 
HERE...I'm gonna include a part of chapter 40 for you..
This is life,
And it's brutal.
This is Love,
And it's horrible.
This is purgatory, 
And it's hateful.
This is death,
And it's painful.
Nothing stops but nothing moves. 
There is no peace or even rest.
There is nothing but a never ending cycle of decay.
And I am decaying.
Before my own eyes I see my life ending.
So, see it's based on dark, devastating things, but overall it's a love story.
It's a beautiful, huge, twisty, turny, cry your eyes out love story.
And I did...cry...and as I would read, I would get irritate, because I was hating Saige because she's such an insecure little whiny baby, and I would think, I really don't like all this same old same ol back and forth...then I would cry and love Malcolm...and then I would get pissed again...over and over.
So while I really LOVED this book, I also really didn't.
So, I've gotta go with 4 stars. and a request that you read it!

Sarah Ann Walker is a Scottish Canadian living in Canada with her son.
When not spending time with her son, Sarah drinks copious amounts of coffee reading and writing, while often (always) indulging in her favorite treat- dark chocolate with sea salt.


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