Blog Tour, Rachel's Review: Three by SC Daiko

Title : Three
Author: S.C. Daiko
Gernre: Erotic Romance 

I shouldn’t want this, shouldn’t want them, and I definitely shouldn’t want all the dirty things they do – not just to me but to each other.
Except I do want it.
I want it so bad I can’t keep my head straight.
Why does dirty have to feel so damn good?
It’s lust, simple as that. No strings, just two guys, a girl and a whole lot of filth.
I can handle that.
Sure I can.

No big deal… it’s not like I’m going to fall for them or anything, right?

Sexy Italian Max has had the starring role in some hot dreams and wild nights for Lauren. Now she will be living with him, leaving her life in Seattle behind while she works for his company in Rome, Italy. There she meets gorgeous Englishman Steve, who is also rooming at Max’s villa. Soon crazy ideas start to form in Lauren’s mind about having both men in her bed. When Lauren’s fantasy becomes reality, the two sex gods take her to heights of filthy pleasure she never imagined possible. So what could possibly go wrong?

Advisory: vivid erotica and scenes involving BDSM, MF, MFM, MMF. All consensual. Most definitely 18+ only.

Son of a gun!
What a wonderfully erotic threesome.
A wonderfully written story makes this erotica novel not only hot as hell but classy as well.
I love Lauren and her submissive self; Max and Steve and the way they all "feel" together as a threesome or as a twosome is endearing.
We get that nice bit of BDSM, that Dominant Max, the easy going Steve and really is hot. The story is entertaining, easy to read and engaging in and of itself. The descriptive writing leads us to Italy, beautifully done and now I simply MUST visit, and a love story that isn't common, but is beautiful in the fluidity in which the characters come to love each other so much.
A great read from a great up and coming author.
4 smoldering stars

S. C. Daiko is an erotic romance author. When she isn’t bringing her fantasies alive on the page, she enjoys the sweet life of the Veneto in northern Italy – where she lives with her husband and two cats.
She writes historical fiction under the name Siobhan Daiko.

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