A.L Simpson Author Spotlight

 A.L. Simpson

I grew up in Sydney and moved to Queensland as an adult.
I am married with two sons.
I love to read and am like a sponge. I will read pretty much anything.
Travel, walks and the beach are my three most favorite things to do.
My hope is for readers to enjoy what I have written as much as I enjoy writing it.
Born to Sin is my first book and the first book in the “Born” Series.
Each book is a complete story and stand alone.
I also have Touched by an Angel and Watched by an Angel in the “Angel” Series.
Midnight Attraction and Complicated Attraction are the two books in the “Attraction” Series.

Avery was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Is she doomed to suffer for the rest of her life at the hands of an unscrupulous club owner?
Destitute, in debt and on the brink of giving up, it’s the death of a friend who brings her hope.
Can Gabe help her turn her life around or, will she insist on solving a murder which could place her in grave danger?

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Accidental Love
Emma has loved Cody all her life but he sees her only as his little sister's friend.
When she returns after four years away, nothing has changed.
Insisting on caring for Zoe who has been left in a wheelchair after an accident, Emma moves into the ranch.
How will she cope with the man of her dreams on a daily basis?
Will he realize his feelings too late?

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Excerpt – Accidental Love
The wheels of the rented car spun as Emma turned onto the gravel driveway too fast. The car fishtailed so she hit the brakes and regained control before continuing toward the ranch house. Her foot rested heavily on the accelerator and she was still travelling too fast but was desperate to see her friend, Zoe. The speeding car narrowly missed a cowboy on horseback. Glancing into the rear vision mirror, she saw a thick cloud of dust engulf him. She was too anxious to care.
Emma screeched to a halt near the front door and leapt from the vehicle. Not caring the car door had been left wide open, she raced up the front steps, pulled open the heavy ranch door and crashed inside. “Zoe, where are you?”
Her heart broke when Zoe wheeled herself into the hallway. Seeing her best friend in a wheelchair caused tears to well in her eyes.
 “Emma.” Tears streamed down Zoe’s cheeks as she held her arms out to her friend.
Emma rushed to her, dropped to her knees and gathered her into a hug. “I didn’t know, I didn’t know.” Emma dropped her head to Zoe’s chest and trembled as she cried.
Zoe ran her hand over Emma’s hair. “It’s okay, it’s okay.”
The girls were startled by the crashing of the front door against something solid. Someone in boots stomped toward them.
Emma raised her head, brushed away tears and turned around. Her heart slammed against her chest wall, her nipples tightened and her pussy clenched. The attraction was instant.

The Kiss of a Man
Brent Parker, a 26-year-old Investment Banker, is a Dom on the lookout for a new Sub. He wants a young woman he can train.
Cynthia Carmichael is a 20-year-old Private Secretary, the only daughter of a possessive and over-protective Diplomat.
When Brent and Cynthia come together at a society wedding, sparks fly.
Brent resolves to give the gorgeous, fiery tempered girl, a wide berth, but he can’t seem to banish her from his thoughts.
Could she be the Sub he’s been searching for?

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Unintentional ~ An Anthology

Their eyes had met a thousand times, their smiles always easy and honest. All it takes is that one moment for everything to change. When their eyes are opened, no longer does "just friends" seem good enough.
Fall in love with Unintentional: International Edition, a collection of nine friends-to-lovers HEA stories by nine amazing international authors. Happy ever afters really do come true. 

YOU NEVER KNOW - Aria Peyton 
When Miranda comes home engaged from a cruise, it doesn't take long for her bestie, Scott, to realise he feels something more for her. Will he get a chance to tell her or is he too late? 

Letters of hope and love help Alex through his darkest days and bring him closer to Heather, and a friendship and love that could last a lifetime. 

TAKE A SHOT - Michelle Irwin 
Holly thinks Logan is cute and sweet, much like a little brother. When the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself, will he take a shot to convince her he's no longer the kid she's looked out for since high school? 

Best friends turn to each other in good times and bad. Can Piper help Dalton through tragedy or has their friendship been shattered? 

When your best friend needs support, there's no hesitation in being there for her. It's also the perfect opportunity to let her know exactly how good things could be. 

When your one chance at love leaves you torn in two, only memories remain. Can Anastasia and Jason's friendship and new-found love be repaired to what it once was? 

Samantha turns to online dating to meet a man who'll make her heart beat faster, but it's her best friend —and friend with benefits—Levi who's there for her when dates go bad. Has her friendship with Levi become more than she thought? 

CLAIMED AND BRANDED - Gaeille Vanderspek 
Heart sore from watching her best friend tangled up in endless scandals with no-good women, Vicki Edwards decides to move to New York and start over. But Jared is determined to make her stay, and he's not afraid to play dirty. 

Two old friends reunite under dramatic circumstances. Will the prison walls tear them apart or will they make their relationship stronger?

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Stand Alone - Releases Oct 28th

A Different Love 
Blurb to come

The Born Series

#1 – Born To Sin

I was born to an alcoholic mother and alcoholic, drug dealing father. Not a good start to life for a young boy. I was born to sin. 
I've lied, cheated, assaulted, been an adulterer and stolen. It's how one survives the 'hood'. I have a reputation for being the 'bad boy', the fuck 'em and leave 'em type. I have never spent the night with a woman and I have never brought a woman home. We 'play' at her place and as soon as I'm done, I leave. 
After fleeing my home at the age of thirteen and living on the streets - an option I found better than being with my parents, my life is turned around by an elderly lady. 
I educate myself, become an award winning chef and return to the 'hood where I rent an apartment. I love and care about no-one and nothing except my Harley Motorcycle. It's here I met Jonesy and he takes my life in a whole new direction. Along with Wade, a fellow chef and the only person I can trust, the pair teach me how to love. Not only myself, but others. 


I'm a wealthy Restaurateur thanks to an inheritance I received when my father passed. 
I live in a penthouse apartment in the 'rich' part of the city. 
Being pampered and spoiled all my life has turned me into a woman who sees something she wants and, like a dog with a bone, I won't let go until it's mine. I'm a winner. I ALWAYS win. 
I don't have relationships with men. One night stands suit me just fine. I can't trust it's me they want and not my money. 
I meet Hamish by chance when I'm on the hunt for a new Head Chef. He treats me like I'm not worth a second thought. I've never been treated this way and I decide at that moment, I will make Hamish mine. 

Hamish has no interest in the pampered Blossom but for some reason she gets under his skin. 
Then, something happens that makes him realize, he has fallen in love. Will it be too late? Will tragedy strike before he can hold her in his arms and confess his true feelings? 

Suitable for 18+ Strong language, Sex scenes and M/M Scene

Buy Link: http://amzn.to/2fbQLsk

#2 – Born To Be Different
This is Book 2 in the 'Born' Series - Wade's Story
Can be read as a stand alone 

I was Born to be Different. 
My parents and sister did their best to change me but I needed to be true to myself. I wasn’t wrong, I was different. This was what my first lover taught me. 
When he was taken from me, I spent eleven years on my own. 
Sure, I had casual relationships but I thought I would never fall in love again. 
Then, Rafe came into my life. Well, not really, he’d actually been in it for a long time. We just hadn’t noticed each other in that way. 
We quickly fell into a passionate relationship and everything appeared to be great. Unfortunately past lovers couldn’t let go and our lives could have crumbled around us. 
With the love of each other, family and friends, we determine to conquer adversity.

I have been in a long term relationship with a man I have found out is betraying me. My heart has been broken. 
I have known Wade for many years but when his own relationship breaks down, around the same time as mine, we are drawn to each other. 
It doesn’t take long for me to realize, we were always meant to be. 
Wade is everything George wasn’t. Attentive, gentle and man can he love. 
Will our pasts come back to tear us apart? 
Or together, will we not only make it through, but become even stronger? 

Buy Link: http://amzn.to/2gvN4U6

#3 – Born To Achieve

I didn’t have the best of starts in life but, at seven years old everything changed. 
My mother died from a drug overdose and I was taken in by Hamish, a man who loved me like no other had. 
When he married Blossom, I found out what it was to have a real mother. A woman who loved me unconditionally. Nursed me through illness, laughed when I laughed and soothed me when I cried. 
I’m an adult now with degrees in Social Work and Psychology. Now I’m back in the ’hood giving those who need it, my help. 
It’s here I meet Keegan. A woman who will test me and turn my peaceful life upside down.


I’ve been betrayed. I’m broken, lost the will to live, care about nothing and no-one. 
I have no-one to turn to and nowhere to go. I risk living out on the streets at the mercy of criminals and gangs. 
Then, I meet Steve, he steps up to help me. I have never known such kindness and caring. Slowly I learn to live and trust again. 

Will fate intervene and tear the fledgling love they have for each other, apart? 
Can Keegan survive the tragedy that befalls her at the hands of her two timing ex?

Angel Series
#1 – Touched By An Angel
Phoebe had been betrayed by her longtime lover. 
Her life was falling apart until she met Lincoln and Alistair. 
Two men very much in love. With each other! 
They taught her what it was to be loved, cherished, adored. 
But, how will they survive when tragedy strikes?

Buy Link: http://amzn.to/2fQ3rXc

#2 – Watched By An Angel
Aline Bennett-Miller had no interest in anything other than the law and her parents.
Xavier Pierce wanted Aline and was determined to have her. 
Will she give a relationship a chance? 
Will Xavier blow it by pushing too hard?

Attraction Series
#1 – Midnight Attraction
Aaronica Badensous is a criminal who runs guns and drugs. He needs to be in control.
He hates women.
Nikator (Nicci) Osiris is a successful Banking Executive.
He is looking for a man who will give him the rough love he craves.
When they meet in a gay club in Athens at midnight, their attraction is instant.
When Nicci accepts the invitation to go home with Aaron, he doesn’t realize how good his life is about to become. Following a night of spanking, sex, pain and pleasure, Aaron makes Nicci an offer too good to refuse.
Will Nicci give up everything to be with a man who he’s only just met? A man he knows nothing about, but a man who can provide him with the sexual variety he craves. A man who has proven there is such a thing as love at first sight.
Buy Links:
Amazon: getBook.at/MidnightAttraction

Excerpt – Midnight Attraction
Aaron perused the man standing in front of him. He was not tall, probably a good six inches shorter than his own six feet five inches. He had an unruly mop of black hair and a dark five o’clock shadow. His body was not that of an athlete but was toned, he appeared fit. What captured Aaron’s attention, and sent waves of desire to his cock, were the man’s eyes. Small but piercing, jet black like pure onyx. He was drawn to them as if they were magnets.
“Aaron.” He placed his glass on the bar and extended his hand. They shook. Firm grasp for a gay man. “My first time.”
Nicci climbed onto the stool next to him. “Alone?”
“Yes, you?”
“Yes. New to the area or coming out?”
“No, lived here for a while. Tried women, didn’t work. Found I like men better.
Nicci laughed before sipping his drink. He had noticed the stranger the moment he’d entered the club. He was a tall man, dark hair, a few years younger than him. Mid-twenties, he guessed. He’d decided to sidle up to the bar and check him out instead of sitting at his usual table. He was pleased he had. The man was beauty personified with a strong, square jaw and smoky gray eyes. His voice was rich, like sweet honey, as it flowed over him. I don’t stand a chance.
“Never bothered with females myself. I like a strong man who can take charge. I need someone to direct me, make me submit to their will.” Why am I telling him this?
Aaron sat up straighter. He was becoming more and more interested in this man. He needed to be in charge, loved to experiment and had been stifled by women who wanted only vanilla sex. Could this be the man who could take what he wanted to give?
“Dance?” Nicci extended his hand.
“Love to.” Aaron grasped his hand and slid from the stool. Excitement swirled in the pit of his stomach. His cock stirred.
They strode to the wooden dance floor in the center of the room and Aaron pulled Nicci into his arms. The shorter man rested his head on Aaron’s chest as they swayed to the soft notes of Strangers in The Night by Frank Sinatra. It seemed so appropriate. 

#2 – Complicated Attraction
Aaronica (Aaron) Badensous is a Greek Drug Lord; his cartel is running Cocaine all over Europe, and he is about to flood Sydney with the deadly drug.
Nikator (Nicci) Osiris is Aaron’s lover and partner.
Courtney Rogers is their housekeeper. She’s been trapped in their world of illicit drugs and crime for over six months. She rues the day she consented to move into their palatial home.
When she is found beaten, bloody and close to death in a back alley of Kings Cross, Detective Travis McMahon, and his partner, Elizabeth Wilson are called in on her case. 
Will Travis be able to protect her from the powerful drug lord? 

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