The Gift (A Sadist and His slave) by Riley Edwards Release Blitz

The Gift
A Sadist and His slave
by Riley Edwards

A Sadist and His slave

A relationship between a Sadist and His slave is an intense, overwhelming, and powerful journey. A bond that is forged out of mutual need. The trust that is built with the giving and receiving of extreme pain.

This is our story. A small glimpse into how our journey began. How I took the gift of my slave’s submission and turned it into our forever. 

Excerpt - 


“Do you need to feel the bite, slave?”
“Please, Master,” she groaned as her head fell forward.
Thwack! The vibration from the wooden paddle hitting the soft flesh of Victoria’s ass reverberated up my arm. I let my paddle linger on her bottom, not allowing her to escape the stinging pain. The longer I waited before I took the next strike, the more anticipation built and the louder she cried out in shock and pain. I rolled my shoulders and lined up for another smack. We had just started and she was nowhere near the pain level that she needed, but her screams were still high-pitched. Me? I was just warming up. As satisfying as the sound of the paddle was, it still fell short. I needed more, she needed more. These were merely love taps, a finely choreographed dance we were just beginning to perfect.
“What do you need, slave?” I asked as I walked up behind her.
“To serve my Master,” she answered, her voice already raw from screaming.
“How slave? How will you serve your Master?” I grabbed a handful of her shiny red hair, pulling her head back so I could see her face. Her eyes were still clear. There was no sign of discomfort or distress. We would have to change that.
She had been especially on edge and bratty this evening. Something was bothering her and my stubborn slave could not get out of her own head. Luckily for her, I knew a way to help and I would enjoy every single of lash of it.
“I will surrender,” she moaned.

© Riley Edwards

~every time that woman kneels at my feet and called me Master, I feel somewhat undeserving. The scales are tipped so far in my favor. Every time she chooses to give me the gift of her trust and surrender I am humbled.

The Gift by Riley Edwards is a novella sized bite full of BDSM goodness.
Victoria and John are relatively new play partners and they are falling for each other.  Victoria is a submissive and John her Dom, pushed together by Dean, Restraints owner.  As their relationship flourishes, time is running out on their contract.  Victoria is all worried that John won't want her anymore since he's not one to extend she acts out as only a confused, bratty sub can.
There isn't a lot of time to connect with either character, but it didn't seem to really matter as the whole premise of the book is to  introduce you to Restraint and the folks that frequent it.  It's a series, how long I'm not sure, but at least 2 books as The Gift is out now and The Awakening will be out soon. Riley Edwards does a great job with the BDSM, one of my favorite sub-genres of books, and I hope she continues to introduce us to Restraint's patrons, giving us stories about their love, lust and naughty goodness.
4 Stars

About Riley Edwards

I tried to come up with some interesting stuff about myself you would like to know. You know some witty funny stuff that would make me sound fab-u-lous but alas I am boring. Just an FYI, nothing will depress you faster than that realization. A regular mom of four. My two eldest are in the military. #Go Navy! #Army Strong! A regular wife to an extraordinary man! I now live on the East coast but long for the days of my youth running around the beaches of Southern Cali where I grew up. 

A close friend recently described me as, and I quote, “You are annoying, brash, sexy, loud, boobed, beautiful, needy, supportive, wonderful, interesting, aggressive, and fun. All to varying degrees throughout each and every day.”

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