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Head down. Don’t look up. Never make eye contact. Those were the words I lived by growing up, the words that protected me in an unsafe home. But words are only letters and eventually even they couldn’t keep his hands off me.
Hoping to leave behind the shattered life of my past, I find myself in a boring, small town, with an aunt I’ve never met and at a school I loathe.
But soon I learn, not everything in this world is as black and white as I’ve determined. Sometimes those we are so quick to judge often need a second, third or even fourth time to make a first impression.
And often, there are friendships and even love waiting just around the corner, if we are brave enough to take the first step.
Am I brave? Or will I hide behind these tattered gloves of mine forever?
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Tattered Gloves by J.L. Berg is a story about feeling unwanted, unloved and invisible and learning that a life of being wanted, loved and important is possible and can bring a happiness you never believed was possible.

Willow is sent to live with an aunt that she never knew she had from a mother who neglected her for her entire life. Learning to be invisible and going without, well everything, was the only way of life that Willow has ever known. Moving in with her Aunt Addy and going to school, where kids her age genuinely wanted to be friends with her, despite her quirks were foreign concepts to her. To watch Willow develop throughout the story will bring the reader joy, as after reading her story, your heart will break for her, leaving you to hope that it only gets better from here.

As a huge fan of J.L. Berg, I was thoroughly excited to read this story. While I enjoyed the story and it kept me interested and intrigued as I turned each page, wanting to learn about Willow's tattered gloves, the last few chapters of the book were a little rushed and slightly disappointing to me. Overall this was a great story and I would recommend it to others.

3.5 stars

Rules to live by, head down, don't look up and never make eye contact. This are the rules that have been drilled into Willows head. 

To survive  she abide this rules, but they could not keep the demons away. After years of hiding Willow is given a new chance at life. Moving to a small town in Va with an aunt she never new, a new school and for the first time not invisible. Willow is transited by her past but contuses to get past this heartache. She a fragile young girl who wants to loved. After years of being unwanted, invisible and unloved Willow has a joinery to take. 

I really enjoyed this store from J.L Berg, it was heart aching at times. Every page i turned I wanted to find out more able the gloves. Every page sucked me in and I cloud not stop reading. At times i felt that the timeline was fast. It felt as if i read half the book and many thing happen in a week. But that didn't stop me and I would recommend everyone to read this book. 
4 stars 

About J.L. Berg

J.L. Berg is the USA Today bestselling author of the Ready Series, The Walls Duet, and the Lost & Found Duet. She is a California native living in the beautiful state of historic Virginia. Married to her high school sweetheart, they have two beautiful girls that drive them batty on a daily basis. When she's not writing, you will find her with her nose stuck in a romance novel, in a yoga studio or devouring anything chocolate. J.L. Berg is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC.

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