Fallen Crest Home by Tijan Promo with Exclusive Excerpt

Title: Fallen Crest Home
Series: Fallen Crest #6
Author: Tijan
Genre: Young Adult/New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 17, 2017


It’s been years since my mother was in my life.
I healed.
I learned to accept love.
I lived.
That’s all done. She was away, and now she’s back.
I’ve avoided her for a year and a half, but I can’t hide anymore.
Mason has an internship in Fallen Crest, so we’re heading back for the summer.
And when we got there—no one was prepared for what happened.


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(This was deleted and a new storyline was created.)

When I let myself into Garretts new house, I dropped my two bags in the foyer and walked to the kitchen. It was a large room with granite countertops and a steel-encased grill in the middle of it all. As I glanced around and skimmed where his office was, I knew I didnt need to look further. He wasnt there. And then I saw a note left on the counter and grabbed it.
                Heya, Sammy. Had to fly to Boston. Be back in deuces. Mi casa es su casa and I mean that. Theres a tub of condoms in your bathroom. Tell your mom. I live to piss her off. C ya in dos dias, peaches!
                The note fluttered down as I let go of it and turned to survey the house. When my bio dad had decided to move closer and get to know me, no one had known how literally he meant it. He moved two houses down from James Kades house. And when he gave me a key, extended his wish that Id stay with him every now and then, Analise had flipped a lid. Plates had been shattered. Mugs were thrown across the room. She kicked a few vases over. When she had picked up a wine glass, she hesitated and set it back down. As she had done that, Mason and Logan both bent over in laughter.
                James stood in the back and waited. It seemed like he was always waiting, but when my mom started to quiet down, he scooped her up in his arms and whisked her from the room. I didnt hear a word from my mother for three days after that and whatever James had been telling her, it mustve worked. A week later my mom returned to her tea drinking, dress wearing, and being fake in ways that shed taken up when we moved into the Kade mansion.
                Analise Summers Strattan was back. Or—well—she was going to be Analise Summers Kade by the end of the summer. Thered been a hurry order placed on the divorce hearings and she was excited when she exclaimed the divorce would be final around Valentines Day. My mother had been gleeful when she declared that was ironic timing.
                My hate returned for her at that moment. But she didnt care. She turned back to the television with her wine and then her phone started lighting up. I heard enough to know that she was planning some benefit or banquet event.
                I didn’t care.
                It wasnt long before Garrett had extended his first home welcoming. Everyone had gone, David included, but Analise stayed home. James went in her place. And I promised Garrett that Friday night to stay with him for an entire week the next Monday. It was that day today and when I returned home from school to pack, Analise spoke her first genuine words to me in nearly a month.
                “Are you sure you have to go? I dont think its safe. He flies back to Boston all the time. His firm is still there. What if hes not there? I dont want you to be alone. Sam, its not safe. Dont go. Stay here. You can stay with him another time when we know hell be there for sure. Im not comfortable with this.
                It went on and on like that. It was on the tip of my tongue to remind her that I wouldnt be alone, but that wasnt a conversation I wanted to remind her about. She disapproved of my relationship with Mason and I knew she would always disapprove. James hadnt liked it either. Thered been a few tense conversations between father and son, but Mason never shared what was said. He always shrugged and commented that James needed to say what he needed to say and then he would forget for awhile. And thatd been the pattern for the last three months.
                When I had finally left the mansion and got into my car, I let out a deep breath of relief. I loved my mother. I loved my father, David. And I even loved living with Mason and Logan, but I was excited to live in a house all by myself. Garrett would be there, I had no doubt, but like Analise had said—a part of me was okay if he wasnt. Peace. Thats what I wanted. My life had been too dramatic for too long now.
                But then I got inside, read the note, and a sense of disappointment filled me.
                I really was alone and when I glanced at the clock, I knew itd be hours until Mason would show up.
                It was five now. I had four hours to kill.
                And then I was doing something before I really knew what I was doing. I had my cellphone out and I had already pushed her number before I blinked at what was going on. Then I blinked and I held my breath.
                When Becky answered, my heart skipped a beat and my fingers got clumsy. The phone fell from my hand and I yelled as I bent to scoop it up, Dont hang up! Please. I dropped the phone. Im coming back. I got it—” I panted as I plastered my phone against my ear. Hey! Hi! How are you?
                There was silence on the other end.
                I frowned, but rushed out, You picked up. Im hoping thats a good thing. Can you talk to me? I was really hoping youd talk to me?
                Then I stopped and the silence grew painful. My heart beat in my ear and I gritted my teeth, but then she replied in a quiet voice, Why are you calling me?
                “Uh, because I miss you. You havent talked to me for three months, since…” I clasped my eyes shut. “I’m just happy that you answered! Thank you. Thank you for that.
                There was some more silence again.
                Then she murmured, You dont ever call me, Sam. You were calling. Is something wrong?
                “No.I glanced around at the empty house. Well, I mean, not really. I mean…”
                “Whats going on?
                “You see, my bio dad moved here. Did you know that?
                She seemed in pain as she admitted, I mightve heard that, yes.
                “Okay, well, and I told him Id stay with him for a week and today is the first day, but hes not here. He had to fly back to Boston so Im all alone and this is a really big place and he has a theatre in the basement. Its pretty great, actually. I was thinking we could order a pizza, maybe have some wine even? I know hes got a bunch in one of these rooms, but I dont feel like exploring on my own and…” My heart was pounding now. I dont know who else to call. Do you want to come over?
                “Why dont you call Mason or Logan?She sounded so small.
                I shrugged. I dont know. It wouldnt be fun with them.And they had things to do after school, like their first basketball practice.
                “So will you come?I kept my eyes closed and waited.
                “Its the new house next to the Kades, right?
                Why wasnt I surprised she had known that? I gripped the phone tighter and grinned into it. Yes, that one. My cars in the driveway. It has the red gate.
                “I know! Ill be there quick.And she hung up, sounding in a breathless excitement like Id known her to be so many other times.
                I shook my head as I let loose a deep breath. The girl was going to kill me. Shed become a friend when no one else wanted anything to do with me, but she found out three months ago that her fairytale hero had been using her to get to me and Becky ceased to exist from my life. The rumors hit not long after that about Mason and me and nothing seemed like normal anymore. I had people trying to be friends when theyd been the ones gossiping behind my back and others who decided they wanted to kill me when they had gotten along with me prior.
                It didnt take that long until my doorbell rung. I had taken my bags to my room, ordered a pizza, and worried if Id given the right address before I opened the door to Becky. She looked up and gave me a small smile. Her red hair was pulled back in two pigtails that were low on her head and she had her hands clasped together.
                I grinned. I was just glad shed shown up. “Hey.” And I opened the door wider. Come in. Please. I need company.
                She grinned, but shook her head as she went in and her head started to swivel around. This place is gorgeous, Sam. I cant believe it.
                “Well,I felt so awkward. My bio dad is a senior partner in his law firm so I guess…” I spread my arms wide. That means he can own something like this.
                She went from one room to the next. She started in the main living room with leather couches and a chandelier from the ceiling, to the next living room that had red couches. A piano had been placed in an open area by a small fountain and then she bypassed it the dining room and patio room. Both were extensions from the kitchen.
                She arched an eyebrow. Is this place bigger than the Kade mansion?
                “No.I cringed. Id spoken too soon.
                “Really?Her awestruck tone had come back.
                “I mean, that place is so formal and all.
                “Is it bigger or not?She pinned me down with her eyes.
                I squirmed under her gaze and then relinquished, No, its not, but its more modern. Jamesplace is just huge.
                She glanced under her eyelids at me before she looked away. I wouldnt know. You never invited me over.
                And this was where I held my tongue. I only knew one other person thatd been invited inside and I wasnt going to start any drama, had enough of that, so I never invited Becky over. It was something that I knew had hurt her, but I gave her a small smile instead of the response that she hadnt made the short list allowed inside. That conversation wouldnt end well.
                “So you said you had a theatre here?
                “I did!I perked up as I led her downstairs to the room with a screen that took up an entire wall. A few rows of lounging chairs made up the rest of it. Each chair could be reclined and they had a resting place for drinks and anything else someone mightve brought.
                “Oh my god!Becky gasped as she walked inside. This is amazing, Sam. Your bio dad thought about this, all on his own?
                I shrugged again. “He’s one of a kind, trust me.When she lifted up a barrier between two of the seats, I started laughing. Yeah, I liked the ideas of couches more, but then Mason showed me that. I like this room a lot more now.
                Her smile faded quickly and I paused in confusion, but then I realized. Wed never talked about him before, but this was time and I took a deep breath. You can ask anything you want, you know.
                She let the barrier fall and turned back. The gravity in her eyes set me back, but I clenched my jaw and waited. She had a right to know, didnt she? Shed been my friend when I hadnt any so I owed her. Right? Pain seared me when I remembered two other friends that I wouldve thought the same, until both of them stabbed me in the back.
                She threw me with that one. What do you mean?
                “How did it happen? Do you love him?
                I smiled weakly. Maybe we could have some wine before we have this talk?
                She blocked me when I started for the door. I mean it, Sam. I want to know. Are you really with him?Then she blushed and looked down. Of course, you are. I was there. I saw how he touched you. But…” She looked back up. Why didnt you tell me?
                “I…” had no idea what to say to her. How could I explain things I didnt know myself? When I started to feel for him, when his touch excited me, when I knew I shouldnt have experienced the rush of adrenalin that I did? So I settled with, It just happened, I guess. I dont really know—there wasnt an exact time when it happened.
                “When we were at the cabin party, you were gone that first whole day. Was it then?
                Oxygen left me in a rush. Okay, maybe thats when it started.A flash of lust spread through me as I remembered that day. His arms had held me in place as he nuzzled under my neck, to my cheeks, to my ear. Adam had been there and hed been a witness to the power Mason held over me. Heat flared through me as I recalled that time. It wasnt one that I was proud of, but it pushed Adam back. I knew now that Mason had purposely paraded our relationship in front of the others for a reason.
                “You were with him that day?
                I nodded.
                Her cheeks flushed up and she squeezed her hands together, but she asked in a dreadful tone, You had sex with him that day?
                Okay, enough with the sharing. I narrowed my eyes and asked in a flat voice, Why do you care about that?
                She squeaked again and looked away. There was a frantic feeling to her when she hurried out, I dont. I just—did you? I mean, Adam said you did and I didnt believe him.
                It took one step before I latched onto her arm.
                Her eyes were round as she gaped up at me.
                I gritted my teeth and tried to contain my anger. It was like whiplash. Are you kidding me? You would never care before. You wouldve been excited. Now you care? Now youre telling me Adam had something to say about it?
                She gulped and moved away from me. My hold tightened on her and her eyes got bigger when she tried to pull her arm from me. Let go of me.
                My eyes bore into her. I needed to know. When it came out that Mason and I are dating and that Adam had been using you to get to me, you stopped talking to me. I thought it was because you felt hurt or betrayed, but now Im starting to wonder. Whyd you stop talking to me, Becky?
                Her mouth had fallen open and she closed it now. Her eyes slid to the side.
                “Tell me the truth too.
                “I…” She took a deep breath. IstoppedbecauseAdamwasmakingmeconfused.Another deep breath. Hesaidyouliedtomeonpurposeanddidntconsiderme,another breath. afriendotherwise
                My fingers let loose and I was ashamed to see there were white finger prints on her arm. Youre an idiot, right? You know that, dont you?
                She gulped and hung her head. “I’m starting to think that.
                “I didnt tell you about Mason because I dont trust anyone. You cant blame me for that. I caught Jeff cheating on me; then found out that Jessica had been screwing him for two years. Then, to make it worse, Lydia knew about it. My other best friend covered for them. And then you show up and were friends for two months before this shits hit the fan again. Can you blame me for not telling you?
                She gave me a sad look.
                I narrowed my eyes and clipped out, And Adams talking to you? Youre listening to the guy that used you because you were the only one I was talking to? Really? Come on, Becky. I know you think Adam Quinn is this great guy, but he can be really low and dirty if he doesnt get what he wants.
                “I know.It came out like a whimper.
                “Do you?
                Then the doorbell rang again and I let loose with a string of curses. Its the pizza. Hold on.

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Author Bio

Tijan is a New York Times Bestselling author that writes suspenseful and unpredictable novels. Her characters are strong, intense, and gut-wrenchingly real with a little bit of sass on the side. Tijan began writing later in life and once she started, she was hooked. She’s written multi-bestsellers including the Carter Reed Series, the Fallen Crest Series, and the Broken and Screwed Series among others. She is currently writing Fallen Crest Seven (untitled) along with so many more from north Minnesota where she lives with a man she couldn’t be without and an English Cocker she adores.

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