Falling Down by Ann Mercier is FREE

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I was twelve when I started crushing on him. I was seventeen when I met him by chance and our connection was made. Now here I am, twenty-three, and I’m one of the two actresses in the video for his band’s latest single. Jesse Kingston is a tall, dark, and gorgeous temptation I’m finding hard to resist. It ends up not being as simple as doing a job and going home. It can’t be when he continually makes his presence known with his not-so-innocent touches and sexy words. There is no avoiding him and after spending so much time with him, I’m not sure I want to. So, when he proposes a weekend together, knowing I should say no, I throw caution to the wind and instead I say yes. I’m going to ignore the warning signs and do what I normally wouldn’t--I’m going to give in to my desire. I’m going to indulge my fantasies and give this sexy rocker what he wants and something he won’t forget--me. The only question is: Is one weekend going to be enough? Will our time end up changing this bad boy? Or will it end up changing me? DISCLAIMER This book contains remnants of a teenage crush. A straight-laced Hollywood actress. A sexy bad boy rockstar. Rockers who live and breathe sarcasm and sexual innuendos. Explicit wild monkey sex and dirty talk. Graphic language, frequent dropping of the F bomb, career changes, bossy parents, panty ripping, and rock n’ roll. Not for the faint of heart. HEAT LEVEL: WHITE HOT.

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