Pet by Isabella Starling....Blog Tour with Rachel's Review

Title: Pet 
Author: Isabella Starling
Genre: Dark, Menage, Romance 

My name is Pet. My story is going to break your heart.

The first thing you should know about me, is that I'm a good girl.
I follow directions. I bend at the waist. I do anything and everything my King tells me to.
But King is demanding. King is dangerous. He wants to hurt me.
And there is only one person who can help me run away from King...
Except I don't know if I want to leave him. I don't know if I can.

Good pets always obey their master... But what if I want to have two?

PET is a standalone 95,000 word novel. This is a DARK romance!

Pet was a bit of a different story.
From the beginning it was addictive.  When King met Sapphire I was ensnared in anticipation.  Slowly, it kind of dove off for me, only to reignite my quick flipping finger a little later in the story.
Pet is special.  Pet is who Sapphire was meant to be, so why can't people see that?
I loved King...not because he was some uber rich, messed up guy, but because at the heart of it, he was a good man... he just didn't really know how to be the good man he really was.  Even when all hope was lost and he broke Pet's heart, I was still pulling for King.
Stranger was intriguing...and I love how he came to be in Pet's life...just one more circumstance that was seemingly random...
I honestly wasn't that big of a fan of Sapphire's...I don't know why. She didn't really resonate much with me. I think maybe because she came across as a weaker character, yet for everything she went through she was really the strongest one of the bunch.  I just wish she would have been portrayed a bit stronger.  I'm not a womens lib advocate by any means..I actually fall on the opposite side of that scale, I tend to be way more submissive and want to be taken care of.
Overall, this story was wasn't just you average dark was a little more of a lesson in life and how to cope.
Great job Isabella Starling...I can't wait to read what's next.

Isabella Starling started out as a voracious reader of dark romance, and has since evolved her love of reading into writing dark, twisted romantic tales. When not spending time with her boyfriend, two cats & a Labrador pup, she's chatting away to author friends and plotting her next release.

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