Review & Blog Tour: Chance at Redemption by Samantha Harris

Gwen Stevens had a privileged life until her father spoke three little words that turned her world upside down. “You’re cut off.”

Broke and desperate, Gwen is forced to accept a waitressing job, but this glimmer of hope has a price. As if being a cocktail waitress isn’t bad enough, she has to do it in a dive bar called The Den, and her bad luck doesn’t stop there. She also needs to deal with the new owner, a blue-eyed, self-righteous ass determined to make her life miserable.

Liam Sinclair walked away from the entitlement and obligation his family planned for him, vowing to make his own way in the world…

Adjusting to life as a new business owner, Liam has experienced more than his fair share of setbacks. When his only waitress breaks her leg, his sister takes it upon herself to hire a replacement—a spoiled, self-indulgent hothead with too much makeup and more than enough attitude. Gwen represents the world he’s trying to escape, a world of excess and greed that he was never cut out for.

Appearances can be deceiving, and first impressions aren’t always right…

Despite their apparent differences, the tension between them turns to a fiery passion that neither of them can resist. Together they find balance and learn to appreciate the simpler things in life. But Gwen soon discovers that old habits die hard, and one mistake is all it takes to ruin everything.

Forgiveness must be earned, but even a villain deserves a chance at redemption…

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Chance at Redemption is the 3rd book in the Series and I have to say I enjoyed Gwen and Liam's a little bit more than the others. The personal growth that Gwen experienced throughout the book was life changing for her and really helped to connect with her character, especially after hating her so much in the first book.

Gwen is a rich girl who takes what she wants in life no matter who it hurts. When her father decides to cut her off from everything and she is forced to get a job that will actually keep a roof over her head, she doesn't believe he will follow through, until the money is almost gone and she needs to earn some in order to pay her rent. 

Liam now owns The Den and is doing something that makes him happy despite the disapproval of his parents. When his waitress is hurt on the job he needs to hire someone quick, and in steps his sister trying to help someone in need. What Madison and Liam don't know if the bad blood between their group of friends and Gwen.

Oh the drama when Gwen first starts at The Den, but that is to be expected. But the sparks that fly between her and Liam and how their relationship slowly develops was slightly unexpected and I enjoyed every minute of their journey, one that had more bumps and turns than any couple should endure. But I loved reading about it and I know you will too!!

3.5 stars

“Anything you want to tell me, little brother?” she asked as she folded her arms across her chest and watched me closely to gauge my reaction.

I frowned. “Um, No.”

“Really? Nothing new at all in your life?” She was baiting me into something I was sure was not going to be good.
“I bought a new toaster the other day.”
“That’s not what I meant.”
“You should see it, it’s pretty sweet. Its toasts Darth Vader’s face into the bread.”
Madison growled in frustration and tossed a breadstick at me.
“Whoa chill cougar,” I laughed.
“Don’t start that.” She pointed her finger at me. “I get enough of that crap from Margot.”
“Okay,” I said as my laughter died down.
“So you really have nothing to share?”
“Like what?”
“Like what’s going on with you and Gwen.” She smiled, her eyebrows disappeared beneath her bangs.
“Oh that.” I ducked my head to hide my smile.
“Yes that.”
“Who told you?”
“What? Who told him?”
“I don’t know, someone at the bar I guess,” she said with a dismissive wave.
“The bar?” Madison shrugged. Then it hit me. “Sam,” I sighed. “Great now everybody knows.”
“Were you hiding it?”  
“No. Not really. We just didn’t want things to be weird at work.”
“Well, here’s a tip, if you don’t want the people you work with to know. Don’t have sex in your office.”
I cringed. Hearing my older sister discuss my sex life was disturbing on a lot of levels.
“So?” she asked.
“So what?”
Madison let out a frustrated groan and rolled her eyes. “So what’s going on between you and Gwen?”
I wasn’t sure how to answer her. Hell I wasn’t even one hundred percent sure I even knew how. I sat back in my chair and played with the edge of my napkin. I was stalling and the look on my sister’s face said she knew it too.
“I’m not exactly sure,” I said.
She raised an eyebrow and tilted her head. “Aren’t you living together?” she asked.
“Kind of,” I said.
“Kind of?” she scoffed. “Her clothes are there, she sleeps in your bed, eats your food, uses your shower.” I nodded and she sat back in her chair, folded her arms across her chest. “Sounds like living together to me.”  
“It’s not like we’d been dating for a while and I asked her to move in. She needed a place to crash. Everything else came later.”
“Everything else?”
I shrugged. “You know what I mean we were spending a lot of time together and it just happened.”
“What happened?”
“Sex Madison. We had sex.” I leaned back in my seat and relived some of our more creative positions in my head as a grin crept across my face. “Lots and lots of sex.”

Samatha “Sam” Harris lives near Baltimore, Maryland with her husband David and daughter Ava. Born in Florida, she migrated north which most people agree was a little backwards. She has been an artist all of her life, a Tattoo Artist for more than ten years, and a storyteller since she was a kid.

Sam has a slightly unhealthy love for Frank Sinatra, classic movies, and Jazz and Blues music, but her first love will always be reading. From Romance, to Thrillers, to Historical Fiction and everything in between, she loves to become a part of the story. As a writer she tells the stories that she would want to read.

Twitter: @samathaharris08 ~ Facebook ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon Author Page

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