UnBANNED Mercy's Playground by A.R Vidal Release Blitz and Rachel's Review

Mercy's Playground
Genre: Dark Erotica
Release Date: October 7, 2017
***Trigger Warning***
The content found in Mercy's Playground is intended for MATURE readers only. It is full of debauchery. The sexual aspect is steeped in darkness and may be found offensive to some people. The religious and erotic views are for story line purposes only and are included to support the fictitious content.

Deep, dark and sexual rage seem to only be twisted figments of Grace Stones dirty imagination. Her life overflows with disappointments and what ifs. Everything about the Boston girl screams ordinary but if only men could see the melting desire flaming within her they would be afraid. One man will open her up and draw out those desires and devour her every want and need til she is hidden no more. But what cost will her darkest deviant demons have to pay to play? Will she end up a sexual offering laid at the altar of the devil or will she rise from the ashes of hell as queen?

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Once again AR Vidal uses his words. His prose is uncommon, it provokes thought, and I love that in a story. His writing is not something you placidly read along and wonder oh yeah...what's going on? what am I reading? NO, with AR Vidals writing you have to pay attention. His word choice matches the twists and turns his story takes. Just when you're sure you have things figured out a glorious twist will appear and make you say hmmmmm. I loved Mercy's Playground because it's not your typical story. It's not even your typical dark or erotic story. The trigger warning was great, although myself, I am never offended by anything I read. All of the filthy was intrinsic to the story line, even if we don't necessarily understand the COMPLETE story line yet. I love the fact that I've been left hanging until Hard Candy comes out. The ending to Mercy's Playground was perfect! I love a good cliffhanger and this did not disappoint!!! Can't wait for book 2 Hard Candy, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't make me wait long...I am ever so impatient.
5 wonderfully worded, twisty, turny, dark, naughty stars

A little about the Author

Anthony Vidal was born in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from S.M.U in journalism. His unorthodox writing has won many awards in the Southern Book and South West Writers Society and is a two time USA Today Best Selling author. Fairly new to the craft of publishing, he has cemented his talent in the world of horror and thrillers.

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