Release Day BLitz: Dark Falkon Series by JO Mantel

Series: Dark Falkon Series
Author: J.O Mantel
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: Available Now
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One simple word, yet so incredibly complicated. Well, that's how it feels for Jake Cooper.
Living with his best friend, Sienna Forrester, he's used to having a woman around, twenty-four, seven. 
So why is he wanting to pull his hair out?
Lukas Dark, the lead singer and guitarist of Dark Falkon, that’s why. Sienna is obsessed with him, and it's driving Jake to seven kinds of jealousy that's getting harder to hide.
For as long as Jake can remember, it's been Lukas this and Lukas that, and oh my God if I could only meet Lukas--and now, thanks to winning a contest, she will.
Jake's out of time. He needs to find a way to make her see the truth. That it's him, not Lukas. Jake is the hero she's in love with and always has been.

feel deep affection or sexual love for (someone).
"do you love me?"
Jake Cooper knows all too well who he loves, even if she doesn't love him in return.
After almost jeopardizing their friendship because of one kiss, Jake's decided to set aside his feelings for Sienna...for now.
During a night out, Jake is introduced to Ronnie and begins to form a friendship with her. This relationship causes tension between him and Sienna and she starts to show signs of jealousy.
With Dark Falkon recording their new album and spending long hours in the studio, Lukas doesn't have a lot of time to spend with Sienna. She's not used to this distance between them.
Lightning Ridge finally get the big break they have been waiting for. With Jake also spending a lot of time in the studio and with Ronnie, he's barely around for Sienna. Suddenly, for the first time it's Sienna who now feels all alone.
Sienna and Lukas finally get time together when the band head to London to perform. However, Sienna falls ill while they are there. Upon returning to New York, a doctor gives her news that will tear her world apart.

A Love Triangle.

Two Rock Stars.
One MASSIVE Secret.
Falling in love with one of the world's biggest rock stars, was not something Sienna planned. 
Their relationship has been amazing. Sure, they've had their fair share of problems, but what couple doesn't?

Dark Falkon and Lightning Ridge are performing together for the very first time, this means Jake and Lukas must put aside their personal differences for the sake of the one woman they both love. 
However, one mistake, will change EVERYTHING.
Sienna will discover a shocking truth and will be left to make one of the biggest decisions of her life. 
Who will she choose, Jake...or Lukas?

The third and final book in the Dark Falkon Series


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