Release Pillow Talk by Luke Prescott

Title: Pillow Talk
Author: Luke Prescott
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 28, 2017 
How do you get someone to spill their secrets? With a little pillow talk, and that’s exactly what Brooke Alexander does. Find their secrets and expose them. With her calculating ways, and cunning personality, there’s a reason she’s the best. She’s very successful with her expertise in getting men to talk and business is booming. Until her next client, Owen Thompson. He has a secret and no amount of pillow talk is going to reveal it. As the CEO of one of the biggest multi-national companies around, she wants to know what’s going on inside his head, and his pants. Sometimes secrets are better left unsaid, especially when that secret is yours.

What happened last night, staying the night, can’t happen again. I’ve never done that, ever. It’s as if every time we’re together, the reason I’m here slips my mind. The second his powerful hands touch me I lose all reasonable thought. I become selfish, wanting him to do anything and everything he wants to me. And last night he did...twice.
Luke Prescott grew up in New York, where he still lives today. He likes to fish, work on his Jeep and cheer on the best damn team in the NFL, the Giants. He spends his days getting his hands dirty and his nights using his dirty mind. 
Writing is a new-found interest for him. Realizing how sexy the written word can be, his imagination took over. He’s got plenty to tell and looks forward to sharing it.


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