Taking Control by Danielle Dickson is LIVE with Rachel's Review


This is a first for me from Danielle Dickson. A friend recommended that I grab one of her books and give it a read. I really enjoyed it. The writing was well-done, the characters were great. I'm so happy this is gonna be at least a 3 book series. I love the sexy...This one starts right out with a threesome and I was smitten!
Zander is a truly wonderful character that anyone would love. Taylor, great leading lady and I can say a lot of "normal" people in her when she doesn't draw attention to her boss or what he's doing or making her feel. And Kai, not so sure about him yet...and can't wait to find out.
Loved the twist at the end and the way she's leading you into book 2!
What a fabulous way to discover a new author.
4.5 Stars

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