Release ALL FOR YOU by Alivia Grayson

by Alivia Grayson,
Book 2 in Snakes Henchmen Series
Releasing:  August 3rd
MC Contemporary Romance, Suspense
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They call me Hammer. There’s a reason for that. I’m the enforcer for the Snakes Henchmen MC. We have enemies, a lot of them. We protect what’s ours.
Problem is I was too late to protect her. It’s taken me years but I’ve learned to live with that. Then they took Willow. I was almost too late to save her. She almost died and I saw it happen. I can’t risk it happening again. I have to stay away.
But I can’t.


I was born into this life. To the world, we’re criminals. To us, we’re family.
Family can’t always protect you, I have the scars to prove it. Inside and out.
He saved me.
I love him, I always have, even when he belonged to my best friend. He still belongs to her, even though she’s gone.
I was there for him through his pain.
Now he’s mine. But is he here because of me, or her?

There’s a war beginning and the line between the enemies and allies is becoming blurred. The enemy is coming. The time for reckoning is now.

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