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Title: Ivy's Poison
Series: Cavalieri Della Morte Series
Author: India R. Adams
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 2, 2019

Bors is hungry for revenge after one of his assignments spins out of control. Not only is he tortured by the man he was hired to murder, the president of a notorious and ruthless motorcycle club, but he’s also left in the care of the man’s deranged daughter, Ivy. And she knows exactly who is chained and at her mercy, the one she has wanted dead for three years.
During captivity, Bors witnesses what has become of Ivy’s life, and finds himself trapped between hatred and sorrow for his female tormentor.
“It only took one day for me to hate her more than my worst enemy.
Only took two to start planning her death. 
And only three… to fall in love with her.”
Bors is an avenger. Especially Ivy’s.

India R Adams is a new to me author, but Ivy's Poison won't be the last I read from her.  Her storytelling is great.  Her characterization makes it so easy to "picture" each character. I like the fact the  secondary characters had so much personality as well.
Bors, up close and personal hit man, has his past come calling. Ivy's life is a shitstorm and Bors feels slightly responsible.
Word of warning. If you can't differentiate reality and fiction or if you do NOT tolerate books with rape and/or child molestation please pass this one by...or heed the warning at the beginning of the story which will tell you which pages to skip, but be forewarned that it will be alluded to later in the book. I hate to see well written books torn to shreds in reviews because someone doesn't like some of the content.  I think in this case it was intrinsic to the story, it wouldn't have been as powerful or as good without...
4.5 Stars

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