Giving Grace, Gilroy Clan 8 by Megyn Ward is LIVE!

Author: Megyn Ward
Series: Gilroy Clan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release: September 29

I’m the broken Gilroy.

Or at least I was until Grace Faraday waltzed into my life with her mile-long legs, smart mouth, and quiet determination and decided I wasn’t as far gone as everyone thought.
She’s trying to make something of her life. For herself. For her daughter, Molly. The last thing she needs is a washed up soldier with a bum leg and a broken brain dragging her down, but the more I try to stay away from her, the deep her I sink. The more determined I become to save her from my bullsh*t, the faster I feel my resolve to do the right thing slip away.
Maybe I am broken.
Maybe I am beyond repair but Grace sees something in me. She makes me feel. Not like the man I used to be.
She makes me feel like the man I should’ve been—could’ve been—if my life had been different.
Grace is determined. She’s stubborn. She won’t give up on me.
On us.
All I know is I want her.
I like the way she looks at me.
The way she makes me feel, and I’m willing to do whatever I have to—be whoever she needs—in order to keep her.

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Other series by Megyn:

The Kings of Brighton

I learned a long time ago that people can’t be trusted.
I have my brothers.
I don’t need anyone else.
Argenta was an anomaly.
A moment of weakness.
In the space of one night, she slipped past every one of my defenses. For one brief, terrifying moment, she had me believing she was different.
That we could be different.
But in the cold light of day, I saw the truth. She was just like the rest.
I sent her away and tried to move on.
But five years later, here she is.
Only her name’s not Argenta, it’s Silver.
Her father is my newest business partner and she is not the person I thought she was.
She pretends not to know me, but I can see it her eyes.
She knows exactly who I am.
And she hates my guts.
That’s too bad because I’ve decided to keep her.
She’s mine.
This time, she’s not going anywhere.
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Paradise Lost
3 book series:

Kiley: I only have one goal, to go to Grand Cayman, find the man responsible for destroying my life and make him pay. Everything was working according to plan until Zach stumbled into my world. All dimples, blue eyes, a body straight out of a fantasy… and trouble.
Zach: I didn’t have any goal except to forget the girl who ruined my life. Drinking and f*cking my way through winter break on Grand Cayman seemed like a good plan, until I met Kiley. Blonde, with fiery eyes and a temper to match, all I can think about now is those long legs wrapped around me.
Kiley: Zach stands in the way of me getting everything I’ll ever need. Why does he suddenly seem like the only thing I’ll ever want?
Zach: Having Kiley would mean losing everything I want. But could she be the only thing I’ll ever need?
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Devon Michaels has always exceeded everyone’s expectations…until now. She’s messed up big time. To find space to glue together the shattered bits of her broken heart and to regain the faith her parents had in her, she takes her first teaching job at a one room schoolhouse on the Nebraska prairie. Isolated from her family and especially her boyfriend, she’s got the school term to get herself together.
Jase Varner is doing the right thing. The problem is, it’s killing him inside. Between running the family ranch, babysitting his alcoholic father, and supporting a brother with failure to launch, he’s losing sight of his own dreams. Maybe he should marry the neighbor he’s known forever and accept the life everyone expects of him.
When Jase and Devon collide on a country road, they aren’t prepared for the instant attraction or the complications it could cause. Jase isn’t leaving the ranch and Devon isn’t staying. Even if they can clear all the obstacles keeping them apart, Devon’s dark secret could destroy any chance for happiness. With their futures heading in opposite directions, can they ever find their way to each other?

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10 Years. 120 Letters. 1 Last Chance to Keep her.

Kristmas Cavanagh was my everything.
She’s been my best friend and my next-door-neighbor since we were 6.
For 8 years we were inseparable.
She was the center of my universe.
Nothing made sense without her.
I was sure it would be that way forever.
I was wrong.
Because she became my step-sister when we were 15.
Because she crept into my fantasies and refused to leave.
Because I couldn’t handle it.
Wanting someone I wasn’t supposed to drove me nuts.
Turned me into someone neither one of us recognized.
And it drove us apart.
We were 18 when I finally told her how I felt, what I wanted, but it was too much.
Or maybe I was just too late to repair the damage I’d done.
It’s been 10 years since I left.
I’ve written her 120 letters, and every single one of them has come back to me
I’d resigned myself to the fact that she was gone. That I’d never see her again.
And then there she was, standing right in front of me.
I can’t say I handled it well.
I can’t say I was a gentleman.
But I can say this: Kristmas got away from me once.
I’ll be damned if I’m going to let it happen twice.

**Fair warning!** If you’re looking for a sweet, small-town Christmas romance, this isn’t it. Keeping Kristmas is exactly the kind of romance you’d expect from me. Smart, dirty and hot enough to melt the polar ice caps.

Grab it here: Keeping Kristmas

Meet Megyn Ward:
USA Today best-selling author Megyn Ward lives on coffee, chocolate and more than the occasional glass of red wine. When she's not spending time with the hot, dirty-talking Alphas and the strong, capable women who love them who live in her head, she's busy chasing chickens (and kids), hanging laundry and burning dinner. Either way, she is almost always in the company of her eight dogs, her truest and most faithful companions, and her almost as faithful husband, Joe.
Megyn is also the author of the award-winning Sabrina Vaughn thriller series, written under the name Maegan Beaumont.

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