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Southern Paratroopers 1
by Kathryn Denman
Release Date Jan 28, 2020

Emma Sterling is a self-sufficient, introverted Paramedic, who finally commits herself to spending time with family after dedicating years of her life to saving others. But, when they are targeted for a horrendous attack, she must play into the familiar hands of a sinister criminal to prevent disaster. 
Eric Wallace thinks he and his team of Pararescuemen are in for a few standard weeks of training before the annual war games. When the General’s granddaughter arrives on the base unexpectedly, his days go from routine to treacherous. The last thing he needs is an alluring, mysterious woman distracting him from the very real threat to the base. 
Together, they lay a trap to take down a sadistic madman. But when a shipment of explosive chemicals goes missing, motives are questions and fingers point in every direction. Their secrets hold the answers they are searching for, but trust is not given easily.
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About Kathryn Denman:
After a difficult pregnancy that put her on bed rest, she began to dream about writing her own romance novel after reading through most of the books in Texas. It was a rough couple of months, and she's a fast reader. But after she had her son, writing took a backseat to nap time and Disney. (Who doesn't love Moana?!) 
Once her family settled into a routine, she finally had time to write her passion. Her first novel is a Military Romantic Suspense that focuses on Air Force Pararescuemen. She grew up watching her grandfather and uncle in the Air Force, and the Pararescuemen are the cream of the crop ladies and gents. Elite, special ops soldiers, with kick ass bodies? It was impossible to stop writing about them. One book has turned into three, with plans for more in the near future. She lives with her little family in South Texas. When not writing she likes to spend time by the beach fishing and playing in the water. She also enjoys baking, dancing, and BINGO!

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