That Man or That Dog? you decide! That Man #8 by Nelle L'Amour is LIVE!

  THAT MAN #8 by Nelle L’ Amour 
Release Date: October 14th 
Genre: Romantic Comedy Standalone   
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The madcap adventures of scorchin’ hot Blake Burns and his tiger Jen continue in this new full-length standalone novel. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and swoon! When an unsettling burglary occurs, Jen begs for a dog. Blake reluctantly agrees. They say a dog is a man’s best friend. Right? Wrong! Meet Scout…the world’s worst dog! The sixty-pound Lab mix drives Blake bananas—from devouring his gazillion dollar leather loafers to stealing Jen’s scanty panties. And that’s just for starters! Alpha bad boy Blake has met his match. THAT DOG! Be sure to have two hankies nearby…one to fan yourself and one to dab your tears while you read the most steamy, hilarious, and heartwarming installment of the THAT MAN series   
  NOTE: This book can be read and enjoyed without reading the previous books in the series. HEA guaranteed!     

What a way to start a series. Yes, start.  This is my first read by Nelle L'Amour and now I simply MUST go back and start from the beginning, even though this can TOTALLY be standalone, you won't want it to be.  I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna pee my pants. I may have even teared up lol.
And Scout.. with the addition of a dog this story goes above and beyond the already fantastic read it was, to uproariously funny.
Blake and his Tiger are fantastic characters. I can't say enough about how good the writing is.  I'm telling you. It's a must read if you like em fun, funny, sexy, and sweet.
Definitely a 5 star read from me!
Read the excerpt below... seriously!

  Excerpt: My high-powered wife was so cute when she was in domestic mode. But she was even cuter when she was on the floor under me. “Put everything down, Jen. It can wait. And besides, I’m still ravenous.” She set her plate back down on the table. “Do you want more? Should I heat up the soup?” I silently chortled. Yeah, I wanted more, but not another slab of brisket. Or some fluffy matzo balls. When it came to my wife, I had my own set of big balls and a very hearty appetite. My cock twitched and a new little plan of attack formulated in my head. “On second thought, baby, let’s put things away and call it a night.” “Sure. That works for me. I’m beat!” With a hidden smile, I placed my fork and knife on my plate, but as I was about to hand them to her, the utensils “accidentally” fell onto the floor. As I bent over to pick them up, I groaned in pain. “Aagh! My back! I think I pulled a muscle!” Alarm filled my tiger’s glittering emerald eyes as I silently snickered. I was such a good actor. Seriously, I deserved an award. “Oh my God, Blake! Don’t move! I’ll pick them up.” She leaped up from her seat and rounded the table to retrieve the utensils, squatting down just as I anticipated. Perfection! I sprung up from my chair, my cock springing up with me, and joined my wife on the floor, kneeling behind her. “Blake! What are you doing?” “Get down on your hands and knees,” I ordered. Obediently, without a word, she did as she was told, her gorgeous heart-shaped ass high in the air. Not wasting a second, I yanked down her boxer shorts and managed to slide them past her ankles. Then, I curled a finger under her, caressing her tender swells until they were all slick and wet. “Oh God, Blake,” she moaned as I moved my finger to her clit, rubbing it vigorously. She moaned again, arching her back like a stretching cat. She was ready. I was ready… to pummel my pussy from behind. Doggy style! Planting my hands on the floor on either side of her narrow hips, I spread her legs and then wedged Mr. Burns inside her. My big, thick cock slid in with ease, taking her to the hilt, and then I began to pound her. Pumping in and out harder and faster as she met my thrusts. More moans. Whimpers. Pants. And grunts on my part. It was an intense wordless fuck. Truthfully, most of them were like that. I’d read some of the steamy romance novels that Jen had made into movies and could never understand all the banter that transpired between the amorous couples during their most intimate times. Hell, I couldn’t even think straight let alone get coherent words out. At most some garbled dirty talk. Three letter Boggle words limited to “hot,” “wet,” and “yes.” A few expletives and then, “Come for me, tiger.” Or, “Baby, I’m gonna come!” And boy, was I. It was a little premature for me, but who knew what effect tonight’s traumatic events and jet lag had on me. I was ready to let go. Explode! With one more forceful thrust and a feral grunt, I emptied inside her, feeling my tiger’s own explosive orgasm chasing mine. As she combusted around me, she roared out my name, so loudly the Highlanders we’d met in Scotland likely heard her. I gripped her abdomen before she sank to the floor. Still folded over, she exhaled a loud breath and then muttered: “Blake, we need to get a dog.”       
About the Author:
 I am a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Los Angeles with her Prince Charming-ish husband, twin college-age princesses, and a bevy of royal pain-in-the-butt pets. A former executive in the entertainment industry with a prestigious Humanitas Prize for promoting human dignity and freedom to my credit, I gave up playing with Barbies a long time ago, but I still enjoy playing with toys with my hubby. While I write in my PJs, I love to get dressed up and pretend I’m Hollywood royalty. My steamy stories feature characters that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon and stay in your heart forever. They’re often inspired by my past life. To learn about my new releases, sales, and giveaways, please sign up for my newsletter and follow me on social media. I love to hear from my readers.  

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