Before She Was Mine by Amelia Wilde Release Blitz with Theresa's Review and a Giveaway

Release Date: February 20, 2018
Cover Designer: Coverlüv
Cover Model: Alex Perez
Cover Photo by: Eric Battershell Photography


 An accident isn’t always a mistake.
One heartbeat to fall in love with my best friend’s little sister. One more to know I could never, ever let it show. I was still good back then. Still honorable. Still whole. I did the right thing and left her behind. I went to war. I played with fire. The fire won. She was never supposed to walk back into the wreckage of my life. She was never supposed to see me like this. Bad. Burned. Broken. But it’s too late now. All it takes is one hot, reckless night to change everything. And this time? I can’t walk away.



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Before She Was Mine by Amelia Wilde is a story about reconnecting with your childhood crush, who also happened to be your brother's best friend once he returns from war.  The book has a lot of emotion and delves into the struggles that soldiers have when they return from war injured and try to assimilate into civilian life.

Summer always loved Dayton, when he went to boot camp and later deployed, after a scortching hot kiss, she never forgot about him or the feelings that she had.  A decade later they run into each other again when Dayton goes for help at Heroes on Homefront.  Summer was thrilled to see Dayton, but while Dayton had feelings for Summer, he wasn't happy with the choices he made right after he came back from the war injured and he felt he wasn't good enough for her.

Summer and Dayton fall into a relationship that the reader of course expected.  But when Dayton's past comes back with a vengeance, their lives could be in danger.

I will be honest that I had higher hopes for this story.  I enjoyed reading it, but felt that it was rushed in some spots and dragged on in others.

3 stars

About the Author

Amelia Wilde doesn’t always write about billionaires, but when she does, they’re alphas with hearts of gold and panty-dropping good looks. She doesn’t always write about small-town men, but when she does, they’re too hot to handle and good with their hands. She always writes about sexy heroes who go after what they want and heroines with enough spark and drive to power an entire city. She always wants the perfect happy ending. She will always accept free cookies.

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