To New Beginnings by Corinne Mazille Release Tour with Theresa's Review

Title: To New Beginnings
Author: Corinne Mazille
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 21, 2018 
A one-night stand on an island getaway might just save three lost souls.
Beau needed to escape his grief after losing his best friend. Mia just had to get away after losing her job, her boyfriend, and her home all in one day. On an island, they met in a blazing, hot, one nightstand.
But back home, Beau was faced with the ultimate challenge--providing a home for his best friend's orphaned little girl. Only he can't do it alone, he needs a wife to make that happen. Could the gorgeous redhead he'd left behind in the tropics possibly be the answer?
A hot fling, between two strangers.
A little girl, who suddenly needs a home.
A grieving friend, who suddenly needs a wife.

To New Beginnings by Corinne Mazille was a story about losing everything you thought you wanted and needed to be happy only to realize that it was a blessing because you weren’t truly happy. 

Mia and Beau are both running away from the things that haunt them when they arrive in Hawaii. What Mia believes is a one night stand turns into a vacation fling which turns into so much more when she tries to help Beau out of what seems like a losing situation. An idea that would help him give a loving home to his niece Olivia on paper turns into playing house.  Mia is in way over her head but she just cannot seem to say no to Beau and all she wants to do is help him, no matter what it takes or how it may turn her life upside down. What Mia doesn’t expect is to fall for Beau and Olivia and she needs to leave before she gets in any deeper....or is it already too late? 

I cannot wait to read Ella and Logan’s story next! I loved this story and I know you will too. 

3.5 stars 

Corinne was born and raised in Melbourne Australia, where she currently resides with her own family.
After her first daughter was born she found her love for books all over again. Fast forward a few years and her obsession grew, turning into a love of writing.
Her debut novel releases February this year and hopes that you will all fall in love with Mia and Beau as much as she loved writing about them.


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